4 Benefits Of CNC Water Jet Cutting

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Although there are several techniques and machines that can be used to cut materials, a CNC water jet cutting machine remains one of the most efficient and reliable techniques to use. This method of cutting involves using high-pressured water (sometimes with abrasives) to cut through different materials. Water jet cutting is often the preferred method of manufacturers because of the following benefits.


Complex Cuts

CNC water jet cutting offers a level of flexibility that is hard to get with any other cutting method. It can be used to cut irregular shapes from practically any material with exceptional precision. It can be used for everything from straight cuts to curves, internal holes, and even lettering with unmatched speed and precision.


Dust-, Heat-, and Odor-Free

Most cutting techniques generate a lot of heat. But heat typically changes the molecular structure of the material — especially in the affected zone. Thus, methods like CNC water jet cutting are desirable for cutting materials to be used for specialized applications. CNC water jet cutting is what’s known as a cold-cutting method. This means that it prevents the side effects of heat on material such as hardened edges and molecular distortion. It also generates little to no residue or odor compared to other cutting methods.


Cut Hard Materials Like Stainless and Hardened Steel

CNC water jet cutting, especially when mixed with abrasives, can be used to cut almost any material regardless of thickness. This includes tough materials like hardened steel and stainless steel. Other materials that may be cut with this method include copper, aluminum, titanium, and other steel material. CNC water jet cutting can also be used for plastic, wood, tiles, glass, and stone.


High-Precision Cuts

While accuracy may vary from one machine to the other, water jet cutting offers the ability to cut through materials with a precision of ±0.038 to ±0.2mm. This makes it an extremely versatile method for industries with intricate designs and a high level of precision is required.

Water jet cutting has become wildly popular among various industries. To learn more about CNC water jet cutting and how it compares to conventional cutting options, contact HydroKnife or visit our website to view our gallery of CNC water jet cutting projects.